Artist Hayley Reynolds BA (Hons)

Born February 1975, Bedfordshire

Experiences through extensive travel have shaped and continue to inspire the work I now produce some twenty years on. People, places, cultures and nature run heavily through my work. Most of my work (commissions aside) appear on an almost subconscious level. It is only half way through that I take over in a more conscious state of mind, guiding the piece to its completion.
The mediums I work in lend themselves beautifully to my style. The natural plasters reforming their solid, marbled state through carbonisation. The rust and verdigris patinas (although forced) are nature’s art and design compositions of the abstract world.


At times I let them be to allow the elements to speak for themselves. The addition of pigments allows my work to move freely between modern and traditional artistic styles. I like to call my Venetian pieces “a modern twist on fresco”.
To gain a real insight into the creative part of my mind please visit @artbyhayleyreynolds
Here, I record all aspects of my work. It’s a real smorgasbord of Artist Hayley Reynolds!
If you wish to learn more about my life; what drives me or to discuss commissions/design projects then…
Meet me at the Talented Art Fair, Old Truman Brewery, London. March 2-4 2018 where I’ll be creating and selling modern frescoes LIVE!
NEXT EXHIBITION- Talented Art Fair, Old Truman Brewery, London March 2-4 2018
Dec 2017 – Featured in Inside Artists Issue 11 Winter Edition (pictures coming)

2017 New Artist Fair, London Sept 8,9,10th


2017 Art Abstract Workshops – Drawing Classes

2016 Pop Up Gallery, Pershore Market

2016 Exhibition No.8 Theatre, Pershore

2016 Illustrated Hairless Harri written by Rebecca Dawe (Charity)

2015 Exhibition, Wychavon District Coucil Offices

2015 Library Exhibition, Pershore

2014 Exhibition @ Persora, Pershore

2014 Exhibition in Pershore Library