Here you will find links to art videos on Instagram

Commission for a couple who wanted a circular piece in Venetian plaster. Interior colours of their home were used so the piece complimented its surroundings.

Commission for a husband’s 40th Birthday and lover of cycling across the Malvern Hills, Worcestershire/ Herefordshire. This modern Fresco was a huge hit and a real surprise.

An acrylic on canvas that just happened! This piece sold within an hour of me posting online. Since applying plaster with a trowel I’ve adopted the same technique with acrylic, the textures and movement are amazing.

This video was created prior to exhibiting at the New Artist Fair in London, Sept 2017. A fantastic experience all round. This coming March 2018 I’ll be at the same venue (Truman Brewery) creating and selling my modern frescoes LIVE!! With the Talented Art Fair. Contact me if you’d like more details.

This happy little video of one of my Best Sellers, Confetti Fields shows very nicely the Venetian plaster, polished finish. These can be ordered to size and colour.